PVC Conduit Fittings

Professional Manufacturer and Supplier
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Professional Manufacturer of PVC Pipes and Conduit Fittings

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in plastic piping system, Charisma has a good design and manufacturing of PVC conduit fittings since 2006.

We provided electrical distributors, contractors and end users with a broad line of superior , elbows, box in electrical system and also ball valves in the water supply system.
Our facilities feature some of the most modern production equipment and process technology in the industry producing all-encompassing lines of PVC products to serve the power, utility, building construction, Agricultural Irrigation and communications markets.

OEM & ODM production service is accepted. 

Featured Products

Quality Manufacturing

pvc material

Raw Materials Test

Do not use recycled materials, 100% new materials

All Sizes of Moulds

Enough molds to meet any project needs

Quality Control

Quality control during production and before delivery

Good Package

High quality cartons and automatic balers


CHARISMA offers a complete line of rigid PVC conduit and fittings and PVC utility duct including commercial, industrial, residential and utility usage. Building piping system application, industrial piping system application, agricultural piping system application, and their professional solutions are the mainly business. 

Agricultural Irrigation




Sewage Treatment

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