pvc conduit

The advantage of PVC conduit fittings

Sunlight resistant:

Electrical nonmetallic Scepter Rigid PVC conduit meets the 2009 electrical code criteria for sunlight resistance, is approved for the purpose, and is appropriately marked.

Lightweight Conduit:

Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit is one-half the weight of aluminum and one-sixth the weight of steel. As a result, handling and installation are easier and faster, reducing labour costs.

Easy Joining:

Solvent cementing is all that is required, eliminating the need for power-threading machines, pipe vices and cutting equipment. A hacksaw or carpenter’s saw is the only equipment required.


Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit offers both high impact and high tensile strength. And, even in cold temperatures, exceeds all CSA and UL standards.

Easy Wire Pulls:

PVC’s exceptionally smooth interior surface greatly reduces the amount of friction while pulling conductors/wires through long runs, even with 90° bends. A large pull-rope and wire-pulling lubricant should be used when pulling all conductors and wires.


PVC is immune to damage from naturally corrosive soil conditions, as well as electro-chemical and galvanic corrosion. This ensures lower maintenance costs and superior performance.


Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings are nonsparking and nonconducting, thereby eliminating the most dangerous ‘second point of contact’ and ‘phase to ground’ faults. The use of a separate grounding conductor in a Scepter PVC conduit system gives a complete and positive ground for the whole system.

Chemical resistance:

One of the greatest benefits of PVC is its excellent chemical resistance. It resists attack by acids, alkalies, salt solutions, and many other types of chemicals. For more information on PVC and chemical resistance, refer to the Charisma Chemical Resistance Guide.

Long Life:

Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings retain their original properties after years of exposure to heat and weather. In addition, resistance to fungi, bacterial action, rodents, termites and corrosive agents ensures a long, trouble-free life for PVC conduit installed indoors or outdoors.

Fire Resistant:

Charisma’s proprietary PVC compound used to manufacture Scepter products is a self-extinguishing material and will not support combustion.

Concrete Tight:

Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings are designed and engineered to be concrete tight in all weather conditions.

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