How to Repair a PVC Pipe?

More and more people like to use PVC pipes in their home or their projects, because PVC pipes have many advantages:

  • High Impact Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Installation
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Long Service Life
  • Cheaper Prices
pvc pipe

However, during the use of PVC pipes, water leakage occurs for various reasons. But many people do not know how to deal with such situation, and can only wait anxiously for maintenance workers to come over. As a manufacturer and supplier of pvc conduit fittings, Charisma team can give you some suggestions as follows for your refenerece:

When the PVC pipe is leaking, you should first cut off the water source, and then check where is the leakage. If the problem of water leakage is relatively minor, you can use professional water pipe glue to solve it. Apply this glue evenly to the leaking part of the water pipe, apply it 4-5 times, and finally wrap the leaking part with tape. If the leaking water pipe is a serious problem, you can saw off the leaking water pipe and replace it with a new one.

The reasons for water leakage of PVC pipes:

● With the use of PVC water pipes for a long time, the water pipes will gradually age and harden, which will cause the leakage of the pipes.

● There is a foreign body blockage in the PVC pipe, especially if there is a hard object blocked in the pipe joint, which will occure water leakage after a long time use of the pipe.

● The PVC water pipe is affected by external forces. It also causes water leakage.

● The most vulnerable part of PVC pipe is the joint part. In particular, high temperatures can damage the water pipes.

● The size of PVC pipes and fittings do not match, or the adhesion effect is not good, which will result in the inability of the pipes and fittings to be completely connected, the pipe will have water leakage.

How to Repair a PVC Pipe?

● Firstly, turn off the water valve, and then check the leakage part to see what the situation is.

● Secondly, check the severity of the damage to the leaking part. If there are only cracks and water overflows from the cracks, it is simple. You can contact charisma team to buy special glue used for repairing broken plastic pipes. Many times, the pvc pipe and ball valves are not connected well, you should deal with it better.

●Third, If there is a large crack at the leaking place, which is caused by external force collision and cannot be remedied with glue, you should saw off the leaking part, then contact charisma team to buy a connector of matching size, and reconnect the pipes at the leaking place. When connecting the pipes, don’t forget to apply PVC glue to the inside of both ends of the joint and the outside of the water pipe.

●Finally, If the cracks in the PVC pipe have covered the entire surface of the pipe, there is no need to carry out local repairs. In such a serious situation, you’d better find a professional to repair it.

PVC pipes are very common in home decoration, and every household will use PVC pipes. Whether it is family life or industrial construction, the leakage of PVC pipes will cause a lot of trouble. Good quality pvc pipe and good quality pvc valves will become very important. It is better for you to by the pvc conduit from professional manufacturer of PVC products from charisma company.

Therefore, when purchasing PVC pipes, choosing high-quality PVC pipes can allow you to avoid a lot of possible troubles.

We are a Chinese manufacturer, and we guarantee that every one of our products goes through a series of quality tests, such as pressure test, airtightness test, etc.

If you are looking for PVC pipes, fittings, or valves for your project, please contact us. You will get good suggestions from professional manufacturer and supplier. We will send the product catalog and price list for your reference.

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