Introduction of Charisma PVC Ball Valves

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What is a Ball Valve?

Charisma offers many types ball valves, one-stop manufacturer and supplier of ball valves. PVC ball valves are made of nonflammable plastic that can endure temperatures of -14°C to -140°C. Advantage production line and automatical production machines and excellent engineer team will provide you satisfaction guarantee. PVC ball valves have many of the same uses as traditional ball valves with a light weight body, compact structure, ease of installation, and the ability to adapt to a wide range of applications. A PVC or polyvinyl chloride ball valve is a plastic on and off valve that has a rotary ball with a bore where turning the ball a quarter turn can stop the flow of a fluid. They are highly durable, cost effective and can be used to control the flow of water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases. PVC ball valves have exceptional resistance to low temperatures and pressure with lower mechanical strength. As with all ball valves, PVC ball valves stop the flow by rotating a ball 90°.

PVC ball valves are made from a vinyl resin, which is a thermoplastic material that changes physical properties when heated or cooled. As with all thermoplastics, PVC is an environmentally friendly plastic that can be melted and reshaped several times. Aside from its use in the production of PVC ball valves, PVC has a wide application in the production of PVC piping.

There is a rotating ball referred to as a rotary ball at the heart of PVC ball valves. A stem at the top of the ball is the mechanism for turning the ball. You can operate it manually or automatically depending on the design of the valve. The ball valve is open when the handle is parallel to the pipe and closed when the handle is perpendicular to the pipe. It is so easy to operate the ball valves. so there are a wide range of applications in the house or industrial or agriculture.

Types of PVC Ball Valves

Check Valves

Charisma offers good quality check valves. PVC ball check valves are used where backflow could damage the system or cause contamination in filtration and pumping systems. The check valves are an automatic ball valve that releases pressure in a system. PVC check valves are trunnion and are turned off by pressure when the pressure reaches a certain level. They are used in chemical processing, water treatment, and chemical cooling processes. The different from typical PVC valves, check valves do not have a stem or handle and have a rather simple structure. You can contact charisma for more specifications and price check valves.

Floating PVC Ball Valve

With a floating PVC ball valve, the ball is suspended in the flow and held in position by compression of its seats. The shaft is connected at the top of the ball and allows a smooth positioning from open to closed with a quarter turn of the handle. When the ball is turned, it is pressed against its seats, which stops the flow. Because the ball floats inside the valve body, we call the valve float ball valve.

Full Port PVC Ball Valve

With a full port PVC ball valve, the opening in the ball matches the diameter of the pipeline. Since the hole in the valve is the same size as the pipeline, when the valve is open, the media flow is unrestricted without any form of pressure drop. Full port PVC ball valves are considered to be recovery valves for systems that require low pressure drop and a high flow coefficient.

Slip PVC Ball Valve

Slip PVC ball valves have a slip fitting on the inlet and outlet. They can be installed on pipes up to two inches and easily slip onto a pipeline. Slip PVC ball valves are attached using solvent cement with a primer.

Trunnion PVC Ball Valves

Trunnion PVC ball valves are different from other forms of PVC ball valves. They have a pin at the bottom of the ball that holds it securely in place. The ball is segmented and supported by two shafts at the opposite ends of the ball to retain the ball under pressure. The two supports prevent the ball from shifting or blowing out when it experiences pressure.

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