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Professional and Expert Manufacturer

Charisma, a leading manufacturer of PVC pipe and PVC conduit fitting. Since 2006, we are committed to building a well-known brand of PVC conduit fittings. We cooperate with companies around the world to produce and export plastic ball valves and pipe fittings for them. In addition, we also provide other additional services, such as integrated procurement services. Besides, for the specific needs of customers, we also provide customized services.

Charisma Mission:

It is a collection of UPVC, CPVC, PE, PPH, PVDF and other materials in the industrial, Electricity, Water supply, Environmental protection water treatment equipment plastic piping products research and development, manufacturing professional manufacturer of piping systems.


UL, CSA, ANSI,ASTM,BS,DIN,GB,Australian, and customers’ designs.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

As a PVC conduit fitting manufacturer that focuses on innovation and quality, we strictly control product quality, follow product testing, and focus on product production experience, production details, packaging details, and text advertising creativity. Pay attention to the long-term development of products, as well as the product life, easy operation, clean energy, and environmental protection.

Many customers, according to market changes, also put forward good suggestions for our products. We also provide OEM or ODM production services, so that customers’ brands can win higher honor and share in the market with our high-quality products. This means collaborative innovation: exceeding customer expectations and working tirelessly to create new products to meet future market demands.

Our customers:

Trust us, whether you are a self-use, a retailer, a wholesaler, a factory, or a project leader, we can seamlessly connect with you, and our high-quality service will definitely satisfy you!

2006 ▎

Start to manufacture and provide complete PVC plumbing solutions for construction, mining, chemical, agriculture, farming and aqua-culturing industries.

2009 ▎

Took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system in the same industry.

2015 ▎

Get SGS certificate

2018 ▎

Get NSF international certificate

2019 ▎

Get UPC certificate

2020 ▎

Get ETL, cETL certificates

~ now ▎

As a PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer, Chrisma continues to provide customers with products and services of outstanding price-performance and help build homes of quality and comfort.


Business Cooperation

Family use

Building, Farm, fishpond,swimming pool...


Retailer, Wholesaler, Project...

OEM production

PVC conduit fitting factory, PVC conduit fitting supplier


CHARISMA offers a complete line of rigid PVC conduit and fittings and PVC utility duct including commercial, industrial, residential and utility usage. Building piping system application, industrial piping system application, agricultural piping system application, and their professional solutions are the mainly business. 

Agricultural Irrigation




Sewage Treatment

Quality guarantee

Our products have the certificates

ETL certificate, cETL certificate, SGS certificate, UPC certificate, UL certificate, WRAS certificate, OHSAS 18001, ISO9001, and ISO14001.


Why Charisma?


As a PVC pipes manufacturer and PVC conduit fittings manufacturer, Charisma offers PVC pipe, PVC valve, and PVC fitting products that are engineered to satisfy the demands of the applications of industrial, commercial, Residential, and aquiculture. 

  • Trust in our experience: We supply many different standards products for more than 50 countries in the wold.
  • Trust in our authority: Certificates of CE, UL, ETL,  NSF, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001,  and WRAS.
  • Trust in our sulutions: Excellent professional R & D team, QA & QC team, Market team. and logstical team. You will have Satisfaction guarantee of your order.
  • Trust in our production capacity: More than 20 pipe extruding machines, 200 injection molding machines.
  • Trust in our financial management: We have an AAA credit rating in the financial system. 
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