Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are low profile, on and off flow control plumbing valves. In the process of using the PVC butterfly valve, the baffle can be rotated to control the flow of water. It is mainly used for industrial water supply pipelines, engineering project pipelines, marine aquaculture project pipelines, agricultural irrigation pipelines, and swimming pool pipelines.
PVC Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: Our butterfly valves are available in two main styles: lever handle, gear operated. For the PVC butterfly lever handle, we can provide a wide & long handle with a red and blue handle cap. For large-size PVC butterfly valves, we recommend using a gear-type handle. For the number of flange holes, our PVC butterfly valves can be divided into twelve holes and eight holes; according to usage habits, our PVC butterfly valves are divided into butterfly valves without flanges and integrated butterfly valves with flanges. In short, we can flexibly match the butterfly valve for you.

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