True Union Ball Valve

PVC True union Ball Valve Manufacturer: PVC True Union Ball Valves range in sizes from ½” through 4”. The valve gives a simple quick way to turn a system on or off. The plastic handle provides ease of this process with a quarter turn. The two ports of the PVC true union ball valve are made up of two unions, which can be disassembled at any time, so it is more convenient to check and replace than common ball valves. The characteristics of the union ball valve are adjustable tightness, low friction, convenience for maintenance, and not easy to leak. In addition, because the joints can be purchased separately, you can choose the threaded, socket, and standard according to your needs. In general, although its single cost is higher than common ball valves, the replacement cost is lower than common ball valves.
True union PVC ball valves are different from other forms of PVC ball valves. They have a pin at the bottom of the ball that holds it securely in place. The ball is segmented and supported by two shafts at the opposite ends of the ball to retain the ball under pressure. The two supports prevent the ball from shifting or blowing out when it experiences pressure. True union ball valves are used in industrial applications where time is of the essence and ease of repair is very important.

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