PVC Lever Handle Butterfly Valve


PVC lever handle butterfly valve can be used in the construction of large pipelines, directly connected with flanges, easy to install, long-term use, not easy to be damaged, good sealing performance, not easy to leak, and maintenance and repair are labor-saving. Lever handle butterfly valves are also known as quarter turn valves. This type valves have been engineered to fully open and close with only a 90 degree (i.e. quarter) turn of the lever.

If you need gear type butterfly valves, please click here. Gear type butterfly valves are generally used in engineering projects, because they are more labor-saving, and have better airtightness, and have a longer service life in harsh environments.

As one of pvc ball valve manufacturers, we are providing high performance butterfly valve of many types of butterfly valves. The body is made of PVC material, and the rubber ring is made of EPDM material, so we can ensure . Our PVC butterfly valves generally have flanges and can be installed in pipelines through flangethat its quality and sealing are good.

OEM production is accepted. You please send us your detail requirement and drawings of butterfly control valves, we will produce them for you fully according to them. If you have a shop of pvc conduit fittings, we hope to be a good vendor of yours. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, youwill get a good price and the best service.

butterfly valve butterfly valve butterfly valvebutterfly valve butterfly valve

Drawings and dimensions:

 butterfly valve butterfly valve


butterfly valve

If you will custom the products according to your design, we will follow it for you. Contact us by email now at info@charismapvcfittings.com



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