PVC Foot Valve


Compare stainless steel foot valve, the PVC foot valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which can prevent the backflow of fluid.

We do not only produce a single type of foot valve. On the contrary, we have many types of plastic foot valves. Some customers need PVC foot valve that are rare in the market. For this type of customer, we have launched a comprehensive procurement service. The purpose is to help the customer get satisfactory PVC foot valves.

As a leading manufacturers and suppliers of PVC foot valve, we are providing high performance irrigation pump foot valve. We choose PVC as the main material for the check valve. Because PVC has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, UV resistance, and smooth surface. The PVC check valve has the same characteristics as the metal check valve, but its overhead costs are lower. In addition, fewer raw materials are required to produce PVC, so it is more environmentally friendly. On the whole, choosing our PVC check valve is a great decision. 

OEM production is accepted. You please send us your detail requirement and drawings of foot valves, we will produce them for you fully according to them. If you have a shop of pvc conduit fittings, we hope to be a good vendor of yours. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, youwill get a good price and the best service.

foot valvesfoot valves   foot valves foot valves foot valvesfoot valves


Drawings and dimensions:

foot valvesfoot valves

On the one hand, we have a variety of PVC foot valve types for customers to choose from; on the other hand, we also provide customized services for customers, such as color box packaging, laser marking, color customization, etc. In addition, our PVC foot valves are available in a wide variety of sizes.

If you will custom the products according to your design, we will follow it for you. Contact us by email now at info@charismapvcfittings.com


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Medium Pressure

Driving Mode



Many colors and also can follow customer's requirement


Agriculture Irrigation/Water Supply


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